☞ DTI-Driving Training Institute (Burari, New Delhi)

Driving Training Institute (DTI) started in 2005, is a joint venture with the Government of NCT of Delhi and Ashok Leyland Limited. It is built on 12 acres of land and houses air-conditioned smart classrooms, a cut section model room, workshop, reaction tester and a library. Practical learning on LMV & HMV vehicles takes place on a modern driving track with various simulated road configurations, complete with electronic signals, road signboards, road markings etc. Trained instructors impart theoretical and practical training to drivers, in line with the driving environment and current needs of drivers and vehicle owners.

Contact Us:
Driver Training Institute, Transport Authority Complex‚
Burari‚ New Delhi 110009 , Phone: (011) 27613269, 27615960 E-Mail: dtibdelhi@ashokleyland.com

S.NoInsIDInstitute NameCourseIDCourse TypeSeats AvailabilityRegistration DateMail
1 DTIB 2-DAYS REF(CLR)1020-10-2017
2 DTIB 2-DAYS REF(CLR)2530-10-2017
3 DTIB 2-DAYS REF(PBLR)231-10-2017
4 DTIB HMV819-08-2017
5 DTIB HMV926-08-2017
6 DTIB HMV1223-09-2017
7 DTIB HMV1330-08-2017
8 DTIB HMV1430-09-2017
9 DTIB HMV2228-09-2017
10 DTIB HMV2931-07-2017
11 DTIB HMV-2 DAYS REF(DEL)518-10-2017
12 DTIB HMV-2 DAYS REF(DEL)1113-10-2017
13 DTIB HMV-2 DAYS REF(DEL)3215-10-2017
14 DTIB HMV-3 DAYS REF(OTH)2025-10-2017
15 DTIB LMV (NT)223-08-2017
16 DTIB LMV (NT)905-11-2017
17 DTIB LMV (NT)1316-08-2017
18 DTIB LMV-C122-09-2017
19 DTIB LMV-C313-10-2017
20 DTIB LMV-C502-10-2017
21 DTIB LMV-C1206-10-2017
22 DTIB LMV-C2224-09-2017
23 DTIB LMV-C3323-09-2017
24 DTIB LMV-C4426-09-2017
25 DTIB LMV-Comm226-09-2017
26 DTIB LMV-Comm327-09-2017
27 DTIB LMV-Comm428-09-2017
28 DTIB LMV-Comm709-09-2017
29 DTIB LMV-Comm1020-10-2017
30 DTIB LMV-Comm1203-10-2017
31 DTIB LMV-Comm1318-09-2017
32 DTIB LMV-Comm2302-10-2017
33 DTIB LMV-Comm4407-10-2017
34 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)201-10-2017
35 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)403-10-2017
36 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)1324-08-2017
37 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)1517-10-2017
38 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)2008-10-2017
39 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)2411-08-2017
40 DTIB TSR (3W/Auto)3919-10-2017